ITM Cloud


ITM Cloud is a fully managed cloud solution that provides a comprehensive list of benefits to your business.

Always Available

Access your Virtual Desktop from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

Simple Monthly Costs

Easy to track and forecast and manage monthly IT costs with no hidden fees.

Simple Administration

Add and remove users at will - expand or reduce numbers in minutes.

Eliminate Backups

No more backup drives, tapes, software required - eliminate data risks.

Available On All Devices

Access your Virtual Desktop from any device - PC, Mac, iPad and Android.

Extend Device Life

Keep and use existing devices, old or new, PC, Mac, Laptop, Desktop or Tablet.

Protect Your Data

Data is kept safe, secure and free of corruption or leak in your Private Cloud.

Always Have the Latest Software

Latest versions Microsoft Windows and Office updated automatically.

Use Your Current Business Applications

Integrate and access all of your critical business application software.

Simple Software Deployment

Deploy new software applications easily and select which users should access them.


Users can self-restore their lost or deleted files quickly and easily.

BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)

Securely Bring-Your-Own-Device - data is not stored locally.

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